Our goal is to keep Tuscany Residence Aruba in excellent condition, to completely unburden home owners and to give holidaymakers an unique experience. One organization that provides and manages everything within Tuscany Residence Aruba with office and staff on location, increase efficiency and optimal service.

TRA Property & Hospitality Management is the management company of Tuscany Residence Aruba and takes exclusive care of the maintenance of the park, management of all facilities, the rental and management of the properties in Tuscany Residence Aruba.


Tuscany Residence Aruba Rental

TRA Property & Hospitality Management is the exclusive rental organization within Tuscany Residence Aruba in order to maintain and monitor the quality of Tuscany Residence Aruba and to guarantee consistent and unambiguous conditions, policies and pricing.

Our goal is to make your Holiday with TRA Property & Hospitality Management: Comfortable, Beautiful, Memorable, Peaceful, Exclusive & Personalized.

Homeowners have online insight into all bookings and how they have been established. Owners can also follow the maintenance of the house online and are informed online when minor repairs have to take place.

For own account TRA Property & Hospitality Management will install a keyless entry system at all rental properties managed by TRA Property & Hospitality Management.

Tuscany Residence Aruba Rental

Maintenance Tuscany Residence Aruba

TRA Property & Hospitality Management is responsible for the maintenance of Tuscany Residence Aruba, which means:

  • Maintenance, illumination and upkeep of all general areas including pools and grounds, roads and sidewalks, "main entrance and green areas including water and electricity costs"
  • Trash removal               
  • Front garden maintenance and irrigation (DRIP)                               
  • Outside painting properties (reservation)               
  • Reservation for unforeseen repairs (plumbing, garden, pool and sewerage)    
  • Management and administration  
Maintenance Tuscany Residence Aruba

On-site Property Management

TRA Property & Hospitality Management will also take care of property management of the rental inventory of Tuscany Residence Aruba.

Services Included:

  • Perform periodic inspections (inside and outside)
  • Empty mailbox
  • Contact person for all utility companies. pest control, pool company and garden company
  • Paying utility companies, tax, insurances, pool maintenance, garden maintenance, mortgage, etc.
  • Responding to and resolving any emergencies
  • Send owner periodic reports of the condition of the property
  • Provide online insight into all bookings and financial statements
  • Buying necessary items for your property under USD 500,00. Above that amount need to discuss first with the owner
  • Taking care of your tax office paperwork like monthly tourist tax
On-site Property Management