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Michel Boersma


Director (DGA) of Esprit Planontwikkeling BV and Esprit Real Estate Aruba BV and co-shareholder in the operating companies. Michel founded Esprit Planontwikkeling BV in 1998 after years of experience in construction.

After completing his studies in Architecture at the MTS, he joined the architects’ bureau Bouwkundig Diensten Centrum in Rijssen in the early 1980s. During this period he obtained his HBO diploma Architectural supervisor / draftsman BNA / VTS. As an architectural draftsman, he was strongly involved in standard housing concept developments for various large construction companies in the Netherlands. In 1988 he started as a work planner at construction company Roosdom Tijhuis In Rijssen, where he later became a commercial employee. He then became an acquirer / developer at Van Campen Bouw in Zelhem. In these positions he grew from architectural to all-round commercial and architectural developer. Michel has gained a lot of experience in all those years of acquisition and project development, enabling him to fully manage real estate projects from the acquisition phase right up to the start of construction work. In recent years he focused mainly on complex inner-city development locations. His strength lies in steering, guiding and negotiating all agreements and contract documents, drawing up and monitoring the fi nancial feasibility of this, all activities that occur when changing zoning plans and obtaining the irrevocable permits for the project. Thanks in part to his open approach and communication skills, he brought many projects to a success.

Paul Silderhuis

Director / partner

Together with Michel Boersma director / partner in Esprit Projecten BV, partner in Esprit Planontwikkeling BV and Esprit Real Estate Aruba BV.

After the architectural training Paul gained more than 20 years of experience with several construction companies in the east of the Netherlands. In the early years as a calculator / buyer / work planner. Soon he grew to become a manager and he became part of management teams. He occupied himself with serial housing, utility, commercial buildings, churches, schools and shops in city centers. “Building is teamwork, responding early to the client’s wishes, putting together the right construction team to get the job done. The assignment was usually taken from the construction team. This was my preparatory step towards project development”. Paul started at Esprit in early 2000, he wanted to focus entirely on real estate development. First as a delegated developer. But soon he developed projects for his own account together with Michel Boersma.
Over the years, he gained extensive experience in developing complex inner city projects. The current development task is inner-city and mainly consists of land / area development. In this time this is extremely complex and the art is to continue to focus on the project objective. “Launch where necessary and insistent if necessary. Here the project is monitored in all phases and ensure a healthy project operation.
Because only projects with healthy exploitation ultimately come to realization. In these phasesalso seek early coordination with (future) users, tenants and investors. Negotiate with the local and provincial authorities about the project conditions and these pilots to the right planning destinations and the other permits.”
Paul is a passionate team player, daring and ambitious. He knows how to time for decision making. He can work well on a project basis and is very capable in the area of sustainability and

Bart van der Meer

Director and founder of PMH Investments

Bart has gained extensive banking experience during a career of more than 25 years at Rabobank as regional director. In 1994 he set up his own merger and acquisition offi ce in which he also actively participated. From there he initiated and was involved in a large number of mergers and acquisitions by both strategic and fi nancial parties. These activities ultimately formed the basis for the establishment of PMH Investments. In addition, Bart has been active for 30 years in the football club sc Heerenveen, of which 14 years as chairman of the Supervisory Board.
Within PMH Investments Bart is actively involved in portfolio management, in addition to the investment management of a number of long-term participations. Bart also plays an active role as CEO within the international portfolio company Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd (HK).

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Esprit Projectontwikkeling (The Netherlands)

Esprit. Your partner in real estate projects

Construction projects are complex. Project developers, housing corporations, contractors and investors are well aware of that. More than ever, the real estate sector is faced with scarce land positions, strict technical requirements, hard regulations in the area of sustainability, chain integration, a smaller market and huge investments for which it’s not easy to fi nd external fi nanciers. The long term and in many cases political sensitivity of real estate projects require perseverance.
The project developers of Esprit, with a world of experience, are actually getting involved in these complex construction projects. This could include non-residential construction, supermarkets, shopping and residential combinations, inner city housing and restructuring, expansion projects and temporary accommodation for students and migrants throughout the Netherlands, for example.
Esprit Projectontwikkeling manages the complex construction projects within a network of experts. The project developers are strategists with architectural know-how. They mainly offer you added value in managing the development process, from initiation to an irrevocable building permit. Esprit Project Development takes great development concerns off your hands, so you can continue to focus on your core task.

This is how Esprit works

Esprit stands for the necessary inspiration and inspiration to come up with project ideas. Our developers have years of experience in the complete development of complex real estate projects. They stand for decisiveness and energy, qualities that are indispensable in the smooth realization of real estate projects. We notice this in projects that we develop ourselves, in projects that we realize together with other parties. And with the property developments we manage on commission.
In order for parties to cooperate optimally, we rely on our mediation strength at Esprit. Our extensive experience. Our extensive network. Our perseverance. And our vision that we can join forces with you and the other parties to achieve an optimal result.

The Projects of Esprit

In 1998, Esprit started as a delegated developer in, particularly, sustainable and energy efficient homes for developing contractors. From the early years we started with the acquisition of real estate projects in order to attract development assignments. In the meantime, Esprit is increasingly active in the development of housing, mostly urban, of shops (including supermarkets), student housing and the transformation of existing buildings.

The goal of Esprit

Esprit strives for profi t with every real estate project. Profi t for the parties involved in the financial field and for a pleasant way of doing business and cooperating. Profi t for the users of the real estate, because they can move into a pleasant living and working environment or an attractive commercial space. In short, we aim for the realization of real estate projects that everyone can be proud of.