First townhouses nearly ready10-09-2019

The first townhouses of Tuscany Residence Aruba are nearly ready. The construction work of the exterior walls reach their completion.

Soon will be started with the garden work and other exterior activities. Then it will be clear that we’re working on a special buildingproject on this spot of Aruba.
Also the work on the first pool is going well and we’ll hope that the first dive can be taken in the end of autumn this year

Newsitem in Aruba Today09-13-2019

On Thursday 12th September this newsitem was published in the local newspater Aruba Today:


Townhouses in finishing phase05-28-2019

The carcass of the townhouses is ready and the contractor has started with the finishing phase of the houses. Nice and modern tiles with a wooden look have been laid on the ground floor. Also installation fixtures are in place and with a little of phantasy you can already dream of sitting here. 
On the outside the plasterwork is full in process and within some weeks the windowframes and sliding doors will be installed.

The highest point for the townhouses on lot 29 till 3204-12-2019

On Friday 29th of March the first block of townhouses has reached the highest point. In the Netherlands an achievement like this is celebrated on the building spot and is called "pannenbier". For this celebration it is common that most of the companies who take part in the project, as well as clients and residence owners, are present to toast on this moment.
The contractor will now continue with the finishing of the houses and the first houses will be ready in the autumn of this year.
The other block of townhouses on the lots 8 till 11 will reach the highest point in a few weeks.

The storey floor of the first floor is ready02-12-2019

On February 12th the floor of prefab cellular concrete-elements of the first floor has been laid. The contractor starts now with the wall elements of the first floor. In short notice the rooftop floor will follow.

First prefab walls placed on the construction site01-15-2019

Today the first wall elements for the ground floor of the townhouses are placed on the constructon site. For Aruba this is a remarkable building item, because as far as we know it is the first time that houses will be build in a prefab construction frame of cellular concrete.
The contractor will continue in the coming days with the other townhouses.

First Villa of Tuscany Residence Aruba sold12-13-2018

Today the first Villa of Tuscany Residence Aruba is officially sold to the Dutch family Hut. They signed the contract for the Villa on lot 13 at the office of Esprit Projectontwikkeling in Holten in the Netherlands in the company of Michel Boersma, the director of Esprit Projectontwikkeling.
Mr. and Mrs. Hut are very happy with their new purchase on Aruba and look forward to the day that the contractor will start with the construction of their home on Aruba.

Still two townhouses available12-11-2018

The townhouse on lot 8 has also been sold, so there are two townhouses left.
The construction of the first townhouses is in progress and the groundfloor of these houses will soon be ready.
The first containers with the frame of cellular concrete have arrived on the building plot and will be erected in the first weeks of next year 2019. Containers with other materials will arrive in short notice.

Construction townhouses lot 29-31 started11-15-2018

Some weeks ago the contractor of the townhouses on the lots 29, 30, 31 and 32 started with the construction of the groundfloor. These activities will take a few weeks and contain also the installation of the sewage-system beneath the concrete floor of the houses.
After the completion of the groundfloor it is time for the placement of the walls of cellular concrete skeleton.