Tuscany Residence Aruba


Welcome to Tuscany Residence Aruba. A unique luxury real estate development located in the north of Aruba, right next to the beautiful district of Bakval. Just a 5 minute walk from Palm Beach, right behind the Ritz Carlton and Marriott Hotel. The development consists of about 180 houses on a very well located residential park.
You can choose from luxury Villas, spacious Townhouses or very well utilized Condominiums. 

Let us inform you about this beautiful project and look here for the availability of the houses.

5 Minutes away from

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Residential Park

This residential project brings luxury living to a new level. Within the walls of the residence, around 180 exclusive houses will be built in all kind of sizes and prices, suitable for everyone’s wishes. The buildings varie greatly in layout and offer amazing views. You can choose from 2- or 3-storey Villas with rooftop terrace, and Condominiums with amazing sea views. Everything is aimed at providing homeowners of Tuscany Residence Aruba with a relaxing stay. Your comfort and welfare are the main goals for this development.

The combination of the beautiful Dutch modern international architecture and the Aruban palm trees creates a pleasant luxurious holiday feeling and relaxed atmosphere in the park.

A convenient investment

You can use the house for your own vacation, but investing in Tuscany Residence Aruba is also a good choice. During the periods that you do not make use of your house, you can rent out the house.
Investing in real estate is always wise for the future. A recent study has shown that Aruba is one of the safest countries to spent your holiday. Aruba is not only situated outside the hurricane belt, but the island has hardly any crime or political unrest; things you probably prefer not to think about, but which are important when making a decision on buying a house abroad.

Construction planning

The construction of the Townhouses has started with the lots 29, 30, 31 and 32 and recently with the lots 8, 9, 10 and 11.
The start of the construction of the Villas and the Condominium building on lot 26 is planned in the beginning of 2019.
The delivery of the first houses is planned in June 2019.